Sabbath School Department

In 1853, just a few years after the first group of Adventist Sabbath keepers began to meet in Washington, New Hampshire, James White organized the first regular Sabbath School and wrote a series of 19 lessons that first appeared in the Youth’s Instructor. Since that time, Sabbath School has been an integral part of weekly church fellowship.

Sabbath School is one of the best ways to study the Bible and find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus. The Sabbath School provides Bible study guides and material for small groups that meet on Sabbath mornings to fellowship and deepen their knowledge of the Bible. No matter what your age, this department has resources to help you get to know God better and to share what you learn with others.

We hope that you’ll join us each Sabbath morning at 9:30 for an in-depth study of God’s word. 



Click on the blue hyperlink to see a digital copy of each of the lessons listed below.

Adult Sabbath School Quarterly:

Beginner (ages Birth – 2):

Kindergarten (ages 3-4):

Primary Children (ages 5-9):

Juniors (ages 10-13):

Earliteens (ages 13 – 14):

Cornerstone Connections (ages 15 – 18):

Inverse (young adults 18-35):